Alien Art Exhibition 2013

16:30 28 June 2013

Claire is excited to be exhibiting at this years Alien Art Exhibition at Alien Art Tattoo in Mayfield. She will have several paintings for sale at the exhibition and will be exhibiting alongside Australia’s best tattoo artists who have all come together to create a great body of work for the exhibition. Inked Magazine will be covering the event, stay posted on Claire's Facebook and Instagram for photos from the exhibition opening.

Art Exhibition (original)

White Stag

16:21 28 June 2013

White Stag (original)

Dan Charles, Lead Singer of Nouvelle Noise has just launched this awesome new website promoting and selling Tattoo artists prints, clothing and original artwork. Claire Reid and Dris Donnolley are the first two artists to have been chosen for the websites launch.

Dan Charles:
'White Stag is an online portal where people can browse and buy artwork by the world's very best tattoo artists. It is my vision for WS to become THE place people go to find and buy tattoo artists' artwork - similar to Pictures on Walls in the street art world.
Basically, the artist supplies the talent and the paintings, and I supply a platform for it to be seen and sold on and I utilise my extensive experience in journalism and my passion for tattoos to market and promote the work in return for a negotiated split of the profits.
I intend to do so through the website (, the Facebook page ( and Twitter (@The_White_Stag) primarily while also branching out into Tumblr, Instagram and other mediums. I will also have a presence at tattoo conventions and in magazines to further promote the WS brand.
The WS website is under constant development but I aim to give each artist a featured profile page on the site with links to their websites/facebook/instagram pages too, and also their own 'store' page. Currently, I have started with four originals from each artist so not to over saturate the site. I am keen to develop a sense of uniqueness and release originals and ltd edition prints at intervals in order to maintain high levels of interest and intrigue.
Once the brand is established and the ball is rolling I intend to move into creating limited edition prints of some of the originals and I am keen to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly can. I have already found a supplier local to myself (In the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire) who use inks from vegetables and locally sourced paper.
This is something I am confident will be a success and I am keen to work with the very best tattoo artists in the world.'

Brussels International Tattoo Convention 2013

20:49 23 April 2013

If you would like to see Claire tattoing, then go to the Brussels International Tattoo Convention, 8th - 10th November 2013.

Brussels 2013 (original)

For an appointment email her at

London Tattoo Convention 2013

20:39 23 April 2013

Claire will be tattooing at the London Tattoo Convention at the end of September 2013.

London 2013 (original)

For an appointment email her at


Kevin Mark Trail from "The Streets"

07:19 21 April 2013

Roundhouse (original)

At a recent event Kevin Mark Trail used Claire's art work for a back drop for Unplugged at the Round House. Kevin said, "It was a really beautiful night. Featuring people I've worked with over the years, very honest and open."

He added, "Your art work has become part of the energy/ visual representation of my music and thought. Getting people to meet, and come together, for the right reasons, and to create beautiful things, remembering we are all from the same source and same people etc, etc, :-)  It's been a beautiful time. I've just finished the first run of gigs I've done for a long time in the UK, which has been great, so now looking to do more and hit every major city in the UK that  I can, but in a real way, talk and share with people, small venues etc."

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