Melbourne 2009 (original)Travelling in Brazil, Canada, America, Australia and Europe has given unique opportunities for working with renowned tattoo artists and painters of all different styles and mediums.

In her work Claire celebrates the power of fusion art influenced by the experiences of working and living with contemporary tattoo artists around the world and the stimulus provided through people’s lived experiences and life stories.

Bahia Tattoo convention (large)This host of personal contributions are beautifully brought together by the artists’ passion for organic shapes and love of colour. Her work explores life, people and life experiences.

These interactions are created daily by the commissioned body art which depicts individual’s interpretation of their own loves, lives, fantasies and passions, creating new and unexpected themes.


Claire has had work exhibited San Benardino, California, Quebec, Canada,  Melbourne and Newcastle, Australia and others lined up for 2009/2010.

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I'm constantly travelling the world doing guest spots at tattoo studios and conventions or exhibiting my paintings at galleries.

To find out where I'm going to be next, invite me to work at your studio, book a tattoo or just say hello, you can .